Transformed with tony : Brad Brisbin

Eight years ago I was living in a small studio apartment struggling to make rent.  Today I’m one of the highest paid and sought after super model and celebrity trainers in Los Angeles.  Guidance  from Tony Morris has been the key to my success.

When I moved to Los Angeles in 2008 I was working at Whole Foods picking up shopping carts.  I had a passion for fitness and I knew that I wanted to work in the fitness industry but not the vaguest idea on how to get started.  When I met Tony my journey from fitness enthusiast to World Class trainer began. Tony introduced me to the world of stage competition and taught me everything from sports nutrition to proper training  techniques. The wealth of fitness knowledge I gained from Tony became most visible when I became a certified fitness trainer and soon realized I was leagues ahead of my colleagues at Equinox. Tony’s guidance helped me transition from Equinox employee to self-employed powerhouse.

When it comes to making tough career and relationship decisions I’m often uncertain and have a tendency to act rash.  Tony’s unique ability to visualize different outcomes and navigate me towards making the best decision has empowered me to become a better business man, fitness coach and friend.  I continue to learn and grow through Tony’s tuitions . The most important thing that Tony has instilled in me is the confidence to be a driving business force and independently  successful.

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