Transformed with tony : Joel Rush

Joel and I first met around 2010 through a mutual friend but really bonded in 2015 when he started training with me in preparation for the filming of Tyler Perry’s hit show, If Loving You Is Wrong.  Joel has been a lifelong athlete with amazing work ethic and attention to detail, so motivating him was no problem.  Just point him in the right direction and tell him to go, it was as easy as that. As we started spending more time together talking about everything from goal setting in fitness to goal setting in life, something in him clicked.

Something resonated within that made him commit himself to being his absolute best in every aspect of life.  No words can express how proud I am of this guy for taking his already amazing life to a whole other level.  Just goes to show.  No matter where you are in fitness or in life, there is always another level to be achieved.

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