Transformed with Tony: Drew Chadwick

I first met Tony back in 2013 after appearing on a show called The X Factor where the band and I earned a record contract with Columbia and Syco records.  Almost immediately after the show, we were in studio creating our first album “Nothing To Lose”.  Several months in we finally had a finished product and were set to film our first music video.  As dreams quickly became reality,

a self realization of how I want to represent myself and who I want to be, became crystal clear.  

As I entered my evolution of authentic consciousness, I surrounded myself with those who had something in them, I sought within myself.

In my pursuit for enlightenment I was introduced to a guy named Tony Morris.  Tony came highly recommended as a master motivator and bodybuilding specialist.  After my initial meeting with Tony, I knew there was something special about that guy and quickly saw why he came so highly recommended.  With all the craziness happening in my life, I instantly knew this was something I needed.  Tony showed me how to take the same passion for music and apply it to fitness.  To feel harmony within the mind muscle connection as I became one with the laws of attraction.  To see every situation as an opportunity to grow understanding of self and discipline.  That strengthening my body can only happen by planning ahead, following through and visualizing my future accomplishments on a daily basis.   

After just a couple weeks of training, I saw my body changing and felt more focused than I had in a long time.  From a boy to a man with newly found fame and responsibilities, this was a pivotal point in life.

Tony’s knowledge and generosity inspired me to hold myself to a higher standard.  To never take anything or anyone for granted and that doing good things will work it’s way around the universe and come back to me.  These simple life lessons have forever changed the way I think and have propelled me into a positive life journey.  Thank you Tony Morris for all you have done for me.

-Drew Chadwick