Transformed with Tony : Johnny Miller

I first met Tony when I moved from Wisconsin to Hollywood to pursue my dream as an actor/ model. After working with Tony I quickly started seeing things I never saw before. Serratus Anterior… what’s that? Oh… that’s a Serratus Anterior. My abs had never been so developed and defined. For the first time there were lines in my shoulders and separation between my thigh muscles.

Working out went from something I did because I should, to something I did because I wanted to. Looking forward to working out was a huge accomplishment in itself but I have to say that seeing my body change so rapidly kept me going.

After working with Tony for about three months, he offered to introduce me to some of his photographers. Shortly thereafter; Celebrity Photographer Keith Munyun contacted me to do a test shoot for Men’s Workout. A couple of days later I found out I had the job and would be shooting in two weeks.

We kept the training going and dialed in the nutrition. I had no idea tweaking little things like my carbs and sodium would make such a huge difference, there’s definitely a science to it. After my photoshoot with Men’s Workout, I went straight to an audition for CSI Miami. I had never looked so good and been so confident. Right when I walked in the room, I knew it was mine. Later that day I received a call that I got the part. Wow, this is turning out to be a great day!

This is how it all started and was just the beginning of many things to come. When I first hired Tony, I had no idea of the investment I was actually making. I can now consider myself a working actor and owe my newly found confidence to someone I now consider a friend.

Johnny Miller