Transformed with Tony : Brian Ford


Brian Ford is a business executive and entrepreneur.  He is the Founder and CEO of an international fragrance & leather goods company.   He has also worked in the medical device industry in both a sales capacity and executive level for the past 10 years. Brian currently manages the west coast for a medical device company.

A core aspect of Brian is that he is, and will always be, an athlete.  A former collegiate football standout at Arizona State University a division 1 football team, he was one of three college athletes to be the recipient of the Maroon and Gold Scholar Athlete Award his senior season.  A massive ankle injury his senior year prevented Barry from entering the NFL so he played in the Arena Football League for a couple of years before entering into medical device sales.

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, the youngest of three boys, Brian now resides in Westwood, CA.


I met Tony Morris through a mutual friend and had a chance to really get to know him.  After a few conversations it was clear that we would become very good friends and would eventually start training together.  I started training with Tony two years ago and he has been quite the pleasure to work with.  He is an expert motivator and he really has a thorough understanding of the human body.  Also, Tony is especially knowledgeable working with current and former athletes training around injuries sustained in sports.  This is something that I had to deal with for years and ultimately started to train with Tony because of his expertise in this area.

Our workouts are very precise and intense and as a result, diet has to be on point. Tony has formulated a diet suited just for me and my program and I follow it most of the time to a tee.  My body looks better and feels better.  Currently, my gains have surpassed any gains I ever achieved and can honestly say that I am in the best shape of my life at 43 years old because of Tony’s program


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