How to Stay on Track with your Diet to Achieve your Fitness Goals.

Do you want to build a healthy body? You need to have all of the right vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately for many people they fail to plan their meals and miss the important building blocks to build a healthy/fit body. The only way to guarantee that you are receiving the nutrition that your body needs is to plan your meals. In addition to planning your exercise routines you need to plan what you are going to eat, when you are going to eat it and the portions that you are going to eat.

Properly planning your meals is planning to succeed. Failing to plan your meals, is planning to fail!

If you want to succeed in your weight loss and muscle building goals you have to have a clear cut plan of attack and be consistent with your actions. Consistency is the key!

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Example meal plan:

Meal #1 8:00am 6oz. egg whites 2 whole eggs mushrooms/bell peppers 3/4cup steel cut oatmeal with a hand full of berries.

10:00 Kickboxing or jogging on the beach

11:00 Whey protein iso-late

12:00pm 8oz. Tilapia 1 medium yam Green beans/onions/ginger/bell peppers (stir-fry)

3:00 Time released protein blend

5:00 1 cup brown rice 1 can tuna Avocado tomato chopped onion Low fat ginger dressing

6:00 Three day on / one day off training split Monday: Chest and back Tuesday: Legs Wednesday: Shoulders, bis, tris Thursday: rest Friday: repeat

8:00 Whey protein iso-late

9:00 Steak and broccoli

11:00 Sleep