My Mission For You

For those of you just joining me, my personalized training site is a weekly updated mix of my celebrity diet and fitness secrets. These are the secrets I give to my celebrity clients to get them trim and help them stay that way when they’re so busy with film projects, they simply can’t get to a gym or class. I specialize in 2 primary categories. There is the “Experienced Workout Enthusiast” category where I turn workout buffs into competitive level athletes. And then there’s the “normal people” category where I transform soft, slightly overweight people into fit and trim sexy bodies. My “normal person” program is all about creating an enjoyable set of eating tips and activities you will want to do on a weekly basis that takes only minutes out of your day in the comfort of your own home, office or local park. If I can’t make you enjoy yourself in the process of getting fit and love the results, you’ll never even take the first step! My mission is for you to look forward to our weekly sessions and most importantly, look and feel great! Improve yourself at least 1% daily. Tony Morris ~