AmiLean’s Lay 6TM Detoxifying Diuretic with Bottle Of Shred!

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Each capsule contains potent ingredients that promise the following health benefits::

  • Swiftly flushes out harmful chemicals and excess water. As a diuretic, Lay 6TM gets rid of excess body fluid that make you feel bloated and heavy.
  • Lose body fat fast and contoure your muscle shape to its fullest
  • Retain minerals and electrolytes to avoid muscle cramps after strenuous exercises
  • Provides potent antioxidant substances to nourish and sustain the immune system


Lay 6 is an all-natural way of flushing out excess water and toxins without losing the essential minerals that come with traditional diuretics.   This is the perfect supplement for water and waste elimination for weight reduction while giving you a shapely body contour.

Based on clinical studies, one of the main components of Lay, known as the prickly pear extract from cactus fruit,  provides a powerful detoxifying compound to get rid of excess fluid yet retain minerals and electrolytes in the body.  The main ingredient itself sets it apart from the rest of the synthetic diuretic competitors since it is organic in nature.  Important minerals and electrolytes are retain in the body’s mainstream while excess water and toxins flush out fast to make your muscles look attractive and well-formed.

AmiLean’s Lay  Detoxifying Diuretic supplies the body with antioxidants that boost the immune system; much needed during strenuous trainings.  Numerous health benefits are in store with every capsule of this wonder drug to combat the effects of free radicals, stress, fatigue, diet restrictions and extreme work-outs.

An ideal partner for a safe and natural fat loss regimen packed in a capsule,  AmiLean’s Lay 6TM Detoxifying Diuretic is organic and caffeine free for all the health enthusiasts out there.

Authentic organic, all-natural diuretic but absolutely no caffeine supplement that will give you a myriad of health benefits

For maximum results, take one to two capsules with 8 ounces of water at least 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner.  This product is to be used for 7-10 days only; with 7-10 days discontinued use afterwards.

A great way to lose unwanted body fluid while retaining much-needed electrolytes is what every body builder needs to have not just well-sculptured muscles but also a healthy body to last you a lifetime.  Whether you are preparing for an upcoming body competition or want to achieve perfectly sculptured muscles for self maintenance, this is the ideal solution for you.  Best of all, you don’t even need a prescription since the ingredients are all organic and natural; giving your body all the health benefits you deserve.

AmiLean’s Lay 6  Detoxifying Diuretic is best paired with AmiLean Firming Lotion to achieve that well proportioned body and keep it toned to the core. 

As a one stop shop of everything you need for a great you, take advantage of our Summer Stack Shred Special – A free AmiLean’s Lay 6 Detoxifying Diuretic valued at $29.99 for every purchase of AmiLean Firming Lotion.  Truly a great value for a Special you this summer season!  Shop now to take advantage of this great offer, because we value what matters to you the most!

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