AmiLean Advanced Firming Lotion with Bottle Of Shred!

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AmiLean Advanced Firming Lotion instantly gives visibly-lasting effects with continuous application

  • Can be applied by both men and women
  • Trims down cellulite and unwanted fat deposits
  • Adopts the Liposome Delivery Technology
  • Topical lotion with no grease formula for a smooth and fresh feeling


The revolutionary way to effectively eliminate stubborn cellulite targeting the problem areas of the body with its potent 2% Aminophylline concentration that immediately flushes stored fats, water and toxins out of your gut! The powerful ingredient of AmiLean Advanced Firming Lotion called Aminophylline is a scientifically-proven cream that fights off unsightly cellulite from the stubborn areas of your belly, buttocks and arms. From the series of test conducted by Dr.Oz, he concluded that 2% Aminophylline cream combats these unwanted fats and bulges by simply applying consistantly. The active ingredient Aminophylline cream dissolves fat under your skin, tones your muscles and tightens your sagging flab instantly. AmiLean Advanced Firming Lotion uses the Advanced Liposome Technology that aids in fast, safe and effective absorption through the skin.

Results from the Double Blind, Placebo-controlled Research Studies proved that the Aminophylline cream users lost a total of 4.2 inches from problem ares like thighs as a result of using the cream over a three week period. Another double blind study proved that daily use of Aminophylline cream for 60 days resulted in a 14% fat reduction of bulging stomachs and 15% of flabby arms.

The secrets of svelte celebrities, hunky body builders and statuesque models are now unleashed with the launch of AmiLean Advanced Firming Lotion. The safest and easiest way to tighten and tone your skin for a confident you now comes in a bottle. Apply the AmiLean Advanced Firming Lotion two times a day in the problem areas. This is best applied after shower for fast and easy absorption, gently massage the skin for 30-60 seconds. Do this at least once in the morning and again in the early evening. Application of AmiLean lotion can yield great results when applied once before exercise. You will feel the powerful ingredients penetrating deep within your skin and start to notice a tingling sensation as soon as you have applied the AmiLean lotion. Daily use for 30 days will bring noticeable results in the problem areas. It is highly suggested to maintain usage and application as needed for a permanent and lasting effects.

Start to flaunt your assets when you go out to the beach by wearing your favorite two-piece swimsuit you’ve hidden in the closet since before you gave birth. Attend your high school reunion and still look like the hunk back when you were the school’s most popular football player. Be the envy and the role model of your officemates who just sit in their cubicles for 9 or so hours and binge on anything they crave. Above all, stand out and be proud that you have a healthy, well-proportioned, attractive, and great body that you’ve always wanted with the help of AmiLean Advanced Firming Lotion.

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