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Jessie Davis

Tony Morris Fitness is all about achieving your personal best and taking your body to a level never thought possible. He’ll challenge you to restructure your thinking to remove any doubts and negative thought patterns that previously held you back. Once you do this and follow his plan, anything is possible.

Johnny Miller

I first met Tony when I moved from Wisconsin to Hollywood to pursue my dream as an actor/model. After working with Tony I quickly started seeing things I never saw before. Serratus Anterior… what’s that? Oh… that’s a Serratus Anterior. My abs had never been so developed and defined. For the first time there were lines in my shoulders and separation between my thigh muscles. Working out went from something I did because I should, to something I did because I wanted to. Looking forward to working out was a huge accomplishment in it self but I have to say that seeing my body change so rapidly kept me going.

Nancy Trembley

Tony is still helping me to propel myself to the next level. If you have the true desire to go beyond anything you have ever experienced in your life, Tony Morris will help you to reach your goal (s) like nobody. He is a fantastic knowledgeable personal trainer and motivator. If there is somebody that wants to see you succeed with your fitness goals, it’s Tony. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me Tony. You have and are still uplifting me to the next level!

John Adams

I’m 5’4” and have never been considered a “big guy”. Before training with Tony, I weighed 140lbs. In fact it makes my stomach turn just looking at this picture of me in Hawaii about five years ago. Since then, I have consistently packed on approximately 10lbs of muscle per year. Some even refer to me as the “little big guy”. When I first started, I could lift 135lbs only one time. Now my 1 rep max is 320lbs. Since training with Tony, I have put on 50lbs of muscle and more than doubled my strength. Tony has become more than a trainer and mentor, he’s a great friend.


Joel Rush

Lou Ferrigno jr

Lou Ferrigno jr

Drew Chadwick

Wesley Stromberg

Wesley Stromberg